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BOWMAN Water Cooler
Zenmax Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. is the general agent of Bowman (http://www.ejbowman.co.uk) in China.
Bowman company was founded in 1919, the factory is located in Birmingham, England, nearly 100 years, has established a global sales network and inventory point. Since 1990, heat exchanger has been produced. So far, it has produced more than one million heat exchangers, which are sold all over the world and applied in many pioneer industries, such as hydraulic cooling of construction equipment, engine cooling, hydraulic power pack, compressor, secondary cooling of transmission device, heating and cooling of swimming pool, etc.; well-known enterprises such as Caterpillar aviation, dresser Rand Compressor, Cargotec, etc , Mitsubishi, Ingersoll, Atlas, ZF, etc. have established long-term cooperation with Bowman.
Bowman is only produced in the UK. The production center covers an area of 6000 square meters, with a complete range of accessories, sufficient quantity and complete supporting facilities. At the same time, experienced heat transfer / mechanical engineers will quickly and accurately calculate the heat through scientific means such as solid model software and indoor measurement tools, so as to provide you with personalized and perfect product customization mode. In terms of product quality, Bowman has passed the ISO9001:2008 certification, among which the hydraulic products have passed the ABS certification, and the employees in the production line have rich practical experience to ensure the quality of each production process.
The products of Bowman include: hydraulic oil cooler, storage tank heat exchanger, marine heat exchanger, stainless steel heat exchanger, fuel oil cooler, swimming pool heat exchanger, etc. the hydraulic cooler has the advantages of the tube bundle can be drawn out for cleaning, the heat stress between the tube bundle and the shell will not be generated, and it is suitable for the occasions where the medium is easy to scale and the temperature difference is large.

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